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Specialty coffee

At Tropiquo® we are dedicated to selecting and packing the best specialty coffee from Ecuador. We have nanolots of coffee of Loja origin, a denomination of origin recognized worldwide for the quality of its high altitude coffee.

Available for sale

45 pounds available from each nanolot, planted and harvested in the Loja cantons, selected by expert Mauricio Muñoz roasted by master Po Liang Liu Chang and packed in 200gr bags. 



Típica Enhanced

Region: Vilcabamba

Producer: Roberto Jimenez

Farm: Capamaco

Altitude: 1,650m

Process: Washed/double fermentation

Roast: light

Roaster: Po Liang Liu


Red Bourbon

Region: Gonzanama

Producer: José Jimenez

Farm: Las Ahuacoras

Altitude: 1,750m

Process: Washing

Roast: medium light

Roaster: Po Liang Liu


We discover flavors of origin.

We are Nuno and Gaby, Ecuadorians proud of our origin. In our search for the best flavors that are harvested in our country, our first stop is Loja, a fertile land at more than 1,500 meters of altitude where the best coffee in the country is harvested. We have chosen small traditional farmers to purchase several microlots at fair trade, which have been tasted by international experts and roasted by master baristas.

Here begins the adventure to the flavors of origin of Ecuador.

Soon we will launch limited editions of our Tropiquo® coffee



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