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Tropiquo, flavor of origin

From selecting the farms where the coffee we select is grown to bringing it to your cup, our commitment is to find the best flavor.


High altitude coffee

Our coffee is planted in Loja, a province of Ecuador, in cantons at more than 1,500 meters of altitude, so the coffee cherry ripens slowly, providing the best flavors. The harvest takes place between the months of May and August of each year.


Fermentation and processes

Once the coffee cherry is harvested, the process selection is made: natural, honey and washed. It is fermented to give it higher flavor profiles and to start a long process to dry it.



Traditional drying is done in the sun during the day and covered to protect it from the cold in the shade at night. Coffee growers now include drying beds in greenhouses with humidity and temperature control to accurately prepare the coffee.


Coffee roasting and profile

The green bean is roasted according to the profile of the coffee to bring out all its flavor. We work with the expert roaster Po Liang Liu, the coffee is roasted in Guayaquil at zero meters above sea level in a Giesen brand machine, the official brand of the world roasting championship.


flavor of origin

Tropiquo® Café searches for the best coffees in Ecuador to bring the experience of origin and flavor to coffee lovers. Whether brewed as espresso or filtered, the flavor and profile of our specialty coffee brings out the best in single-origin coffee.


specialty coffee

Limited editions of each vintage will go on sale temporarily. While stocks last, in our specially designed packaging NUNO Studio in a coffee packaging with a valve, which includes the information of the producer, process, variety, altitude and more.


lovers of good coffee

We make our farmers visible because we believe in cultural responsibility. Together we all win and grow. At Tropiquo® we aspire to be able to bring the best specialty coffee from Ecuador to the world.

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